Ausable Chasm

The Ausable Chasm Campground and Recreation Center is the home of the ChasmRiders trail network.  The Ausable Chasm Recreation Center also offers hiking and trailrunning as well as frisbee golf.  There is a day-use fee for using the trails, or you can buy a seasons pass.  Stop in at the Ausable Chasm Campground office to pay for your day pass or to buy a season’s pass.  While you’re at it, stop by the Ausable Chasm itself and check out the impressive gorge, and take a raft trip or even go tubing through the Chasm.  Come for a hike & explore the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks!  The Adventure Trail and Adventure Tours are also available.  The chasm now has Rock Climbing for those who prefer a little more excitement. Experienced guides take guests up chasm walls jutting right out from the river, an experience that will surely get the blood pumping! Available by reservation only.

There’s more to explore at Ausable Chasm!


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